Our skin naturally changes as we get older. For example, our skin loses its softness and smoothness. We need to observe our feet and legs for signs of poor circulation and skin changes. As our suppleness reduces our ability to monitor our own feet and legs is restricted. With advancing years we may feel isolated due to reduced mobility and/or ill health/lethargy.  Sole Mate’s aim is to tackle all these issues in a pro-active way.

Waiting for a problem to arise that requires the care of a nurse or doctor is the usual way in which those with leg and feet problems are identified. Sole Mates is a service that can provide regular monitoring and early detection of foot and leg problems. Earlier diagnosis may reduce the need for long courses of treatment.

This service is open to all over 65 years who are unable to wash, dry, apply creams/ointments and/or apply compression hosiery.

Referrals from Self, District / Practice Nurses, Doctors, Therapists, Pastors /Ministers, Specialist Nurses, Pastoral Workers or Community Matrons are all welcome.
Sole Mates & Foot Care