The Professionals
Lorna qualified as a registered Nurse in 1993. She has 16 years hospital experience and now works as a Community Nurse in Felixstowe. Working Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 9.00am - 4.00pm (unless stated differently on mobile phone)     Tel: 07969 901001

Lorna Bellamy RN
Parish Nurse
Lorna's role.......
-Receives referrals, identifies needs and serves the local community.
-Sees clients in their own homes,at the PN office, at the Laydens health drop-in, at the pop-up shop health drop-in and at the Collimer Court health drop-in or in support groups.
-Is a health educator giving advice on healthy lifestyle changes.
-Blood pressure checks and liaising with the GP surgeries regarding these.
-Gives support during illness and following hospital discharge.Helps prevent hospital readmission if possible.
-Fills in the gaps that the NHS and other agencies do not have time to fill.Has time to explain medication and treatment.
-Introduces clients to community events and groups, so improving their social well being.
-Refers to other agencies if appropriate.
-Distributes food and knitted blankets, shawls and fiddle muffs to those in need in Walton.
-Takes home communion to the sick and house bound. Prays with clients and their families if requested.
-Provides and organises transport to medical appointments.
-Is an advocate during medical appointments if needed.
-Trains, supervises and supports a team of volunteers who help with visiting individual clients in their homes, transporting to medical appointments and helping with WPN events.
-Co-ordinates the 'sole mates'service (see website).
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