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John qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 1983. He has worked for many years in both mental health in-patient and community settings, and in the Criminal Justice Mental Health Team. Working Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 8.30am - 4.30pm (unless stated differently on mobile phone)     Tel: 07909 888703
John's role.....Along with my colleagues in Walton Parish Nursing we approach peoples needs in a holistic way. My role within the team has a special emphasis on mental health. I seek to support people who experience a wide range of mental health issues ranging from mild anxiety and depression to long term illness of a psychotic nature. Support can include giving someone the opportunity to ventilate their thoughts and feelings, discussing ways in which they might manage their symptoms and facilitating contact with statuary and other services. Developing a plan with aims and objectives geared at reaching,or maintaining, an optimum quality of life is also an important aspect of improving a clients mental health. For those people who have current contact with mental health services liaising with these professionals, in order to support their care package, can be an integral part of care. 
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John Gillett
Mental Health Nurse