Our Parish Nursing Health professionals are available for Personal Health Advice. All information is treated confidentially and in accordance with our Confidentiality Policy (available here)

Our one to one Healthy Lifestyle consultations involve advice on Weight Management, giving up smoking and other addictions, encouragement to make Lifestyle changes and exercise plans, Blood Pressure Checks, and referrals to other health care professionals or our ministers if necessary.
We are also able to support people with a broad range of mental health issues. Common mental illnesses include depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, psychotic illnesses and mental health issues related to ageing. This is not an exhaustive list. Advice may be discussing whether there is a need to seek primary care or more specialist advice as well as working together on how best to manage symptoms of mental and emotional ill health. Liaising with statutory services and with those already involved in a persons care form an important part of any advice we might give.